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Recently I’ve struggled with writing blog posts, not really sure why, but I do know a big part of it is that I really want whatever I put out there to be perfect. I’d rather not share anything at all than to show you my vulnerabilities, that is until today, or at least this very moment.

Yesterday, my daughter shared with me that she’s rereading Confidence Code for Girls by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay. Listen, I cannot recommend this book enough, it’s incredible and, honestly, life-changing. I wish I had read this before middle school! Okay, okay, plug over. When she asked if she could write a “confidence code” for each of us in the family, I said “of course you can” and then didn’t think much more about it. An hour or so later she delivered to each of us our personalized confidence code. This was mine:

To say that she knows me well is a serious understatement. This wonderful and wise soul sees me. She knows me so well that sometimes I feel like we have this mother-daughter thing backward. She is constantly pouring into me this kind of love and enlightenment and I’m afraid (and embarrassed) to say, I may be benefiting more than she is. Nevertheless, this was an amazing moment for me. I am forever grateful for the ways she has allowed me to view the world, and especially myself, differently and more clearly.

So, hang on. I’m about to throw my imperfections out there like confetti, friends!

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