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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood - and more inspiration!

With all the hype around the new Mister Rogers movie, It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, it’s not surprising that there were some pretty amazing Mister Rogers–inspired products at market. These sweet little books—called Noteables—are by far our favorite. The inspirational quotes evoke the same sweet feeling of watching the show as a child. It’s the perfect walk down memory lane while giving a little love to your favorite people. You can pretty much use Noteables however you want: Leave them on a pillow, put them in your teenager’s car seat to find before they leave for school, place them next to the coffee maker, or pack them in your husband’s work bag.

The concept of little inspirational love notes extends beyond that Noteables. Lunch Notes are specifically designed to pack in your child’s lunch box for school. Sticking a note in your child’s lunchbox isn’t a new or unique idea, but these do add a little bit of fun. We love the idea so much we’re carrying both Lunch Notes for Girls and Lunch Notes for Boys. These messages will inspire them and encourage them and give them a little bit of love while you’re not with them, for example….. (will put in a few quotes once I receive them)

In the same vein as the Lunch Notes, these Wall Decal Sets can be stuck onto bedroom walls so your kids have sweet and inspiring messages surrounding them always. If your preteen is like mine, it’s beneficial that these stickers can be repositioned and won’t damage walls or other surfaces! With messages like “You are exceptional,” “Your parents will always be there if you need to talk,” and “Help someone whenever you can.” we consider it wall art with a happy message. Perfect for classrooms and great for gift giving!

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