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Vase Wraps, beauty with a sweet bonus....

Oh my goodness! You guys, these paper vase wraps are stunning. More importantly, these little treasures also empower women in Washington D.C.

This unique product was the first one we saw at the Atlanta Market. At first, we just stood stunned by the beauty of the booth, and then we struck up a conversation with their representative. We talked for quite a while and she told us the lovely story behind the product: All paper vase wraps are hand-folded by women at a homeless shelter in D.C. through Lucy Grymes’s partnership with N Street Village. According to N Street Village’s website, they strive to empower homeless and low-income women in Washington, D.C. to claim their highest quality of life. It makes my heart happy to think that by simply having these in our homes we have contributed to the wellbeing, health, and confidence of women in need.

Beyond the goodness of this product, it’s practical. If you’re like me and don’t have a beautiful glass or ceramic vase, this is such a great item. Even if you do have lovely options, but you’d like to add a little pop of color or class to your table, you’ll love these wraps, too. Each set comes with three beautifully folded paper vase wraps for $18. Simply place flowers or plants in any container you can find—a stemless wine glass, a can, a mason jar, a plastic cup. Just wrap the paper around and secure it by fastening the easy locktap closure. Super simple! When you’re finished you can fold the wrap back up and place it in its cute box to store for the next use. To add a little interest (or if you have lots of flowers to display) buy two coordinating sets. They look lovely mixed together!

Seriously, we adore these so much. I can’t wait to grab some tulips on my next trip to the grocery store.

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